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Welcome to June and My 1st year anniversary. :)
Hey all,

Well okay trying to catch up from the last two months of april and May.. Crazy hahah So tonight I have updated nature, street, events and art sections. I have more to add but at least its a start. Have a link on the events page to the FB page to FanExpo Vancouver where at least 5 of my photos were posted. So thankful for that chance. It was an experience and such a learning event. I have added a fb page 3guardians so I can put samples up for people to see my work. I finally broke down, but it will be limited on fb but you can always see more here on my site.

My Thanks to webstarts.com who have been such a great company to be a customer to. They have always helped me when I needed it and I must admit this has been such a learning year and I couldn't have done it without the help of friends and family along with webstarts.com

1 year wow!!! and a total of....893 visitors in just the first year!!! Thanks to all those out there who have checked out my site, have encouraged me and gave me feedback in how to improve.



Okay so Feb was dead, onto march :)

Hey all,

Well I'm back again and I wanted to talk about goals. I realized as I learn that you have to have goals if you want your dreams to come true, and well it may have happened for me. :) I always start small, some people say just go big, but I find sometimes by working on the small things you will have a better base for when you decide to dream big.

That being said, Here are some of the goals that I wanted to achieve this year in regards to photography.

1. get at least 1 person to hire you this year

2. get 3-5 gigs this year. (paid or volunteer)

3.make 1 brook shaden

(current photo inspirational hero) style photo concept, model etc

4.Learn one new type photoshop style and become proficient with it

Okay so as of today march 15th, I have been able to do some headshot's for a very nice guy ( of which I hope to soon put up in the actor section) and one small dream for me was to be able to be apart of the FANEXPO in VANCOUVER as part of the Photography team.

I wrote a letter in hopes I could be apart of it, and I AM!!!!!!!!! :) I can't wait to be apart of the team. April 3-5th are the dates. SO EXCITED!!!!

I have been a fan of theirs for at least the 2 years I have attended taking photos on my own and being honoured by those allowing me to take their photos in costumes etc. Its been fun, but this time it just adds all the more sweetness to the fun. :)

If you have a dream, it can be done, it just might take some time, a lot of work, and being able to believe that you are worth having that dream.

So go out there and dream small or big, but whatever you do, don't let people tell you that your dreams are not worth the time or effort. THEY ARE! THEY ARE YOUR DREAMS! SO GO OUT AND LIVE THEM! :)



Welcome 2015!!!!

Hey All,

Well another year has come and I must admit, I don't know if I can top what I was able to accomplish last year. I finally got the website up, I was able to do a shoot with a lovely family (The Penner's), band shots ("her brothers") and as a second shooter at a wedding.

I discovered the Creative Live Site... Inspiration site go to if you have questions or just need new Ideas, they have some of the most top photographers that you will want to see and learn from.

Growth for my personal self was HUGE this past year because I don't think I ever told anyone, but I was a photography Hoarder. Yes that's right, you read it correctly a "photography Hoarder".

I was hanging on to every single photo I had ever taken, because I was afraid of people stealing what I considered to be little parts of my self and heart in each photo I took. I loved each effort and joy each photo brought me... and that's when I realized

I was using photo stealing as an excuse. The problem was, I needed to show who I was, what I loved, and what I wanted to share with the world. How are you going to do that if you keep everything hidden? So what if your photo get stolen? You can make more.. you are creative that way, you are an artist, and artists need to share their work in order to grow. If you keep it all hidden.. how will you improve?

So in order to combat this problem, I finally made my website. I put my work out there for better or worse... and you know what? It turned out better then I could have ever dreamed. :)

2014 was an awesome year,can't wait to see what this year will bring.



PS: Family pics of the Penner's are now up and CONGRATS to "HER BROTHERS" for making it up on Itunes.

Slowly coming :)

Hey There,

Well, Congrats to Melissa and Dalton for their wedding in October, and thank you so much for letting me be apart of that. :)

Photos in the wedding section have been updated and moved around, hope you like them. As for the rest of the pages, this is of course hopefully the next change in the posting of more photos. I'm excited to show them to you.

Let me know what you think. You can email me, or even post comments in the guest book. You can also reach me on twitter Voxpax2

On other notes, my watermark now is finally complete, so it will be nice to use those on any prints or online stuff that is published. I'll see if I can post it here in the text area so you can see it. It was created by my very good friend Mari Bee, who by herself she has more talent in her little finger then I think she knows what to do with. ;) Thank you Mari for helping me create something that will reflect what I would like to show the world with my art.

So until next post