3Guardians Photography
© 2014 By Sarah Diamond
So far this has been the most often asked question since I have been making this site.

Where did I get the name 3Guardians?

Answer: My name was taken. :D So I had to come up with something a little more creative.

I have these 3 candle holders that are based off the idea of the "Green Man" which is an Irish Spirit of the Forest and part of my heritage. The candle holders when lit cause the eyes to flicker and they seem to become more alive. I had always thought them as my little guardians and thus the name was born.

About Me:

 My name is Sarah Diamond and I guess you could say I'm interested in all types of photography. I've had a passion for it since I was 7, but never took it seriously until now.

 I currently have no specialization on one type of art form and am still developing that. With every picture I take, I learn a little more about this art form, hence, the variety of photos you may find on this site.

I like to think outside the box,  and sometimes that results in some very interesting photos or .... sticky situations. You can ask about the corn starch photos. :D